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i can move freely now the sling is gone

on April 10, 2013

I had my first trip to the physical therapist on Monday and she told me two very exciting things:
1-I can stop wearing the sling and
2-I can start playing basketball

She said that the main problem with my shoulder right now is the stiffness since I haven’t moved it in almost three months now.  She wants me to get it moving with stretches and exercises.  Playing basketball will hopefully just add to the mobility.

One thing she did in our session was measure my mobility and boy was I surprised at how much I had lost.  I hadn’t even realized!  She encouraged me to take a picture comparing my mobility every week to check my progress.

So here are week 1’s photos, before any exercises have been done.  One day these will be my before.

IMG_1578The arm in the front is the hurt one.  I have quite a ways to go to raise that arm over my head.
IMG_1579Good arm reaching behind my back.

IMG_1580Bad arm reaching behind my back.  Yikes.  This is the one that I was most surprised about.

Good arm reaching across my body.
IMG_1581Bad arm reaching across my body.

As you can see, I have a lot of work to go!

Now, before you think that with all this exercise I’m going to hurt myself more, the PT said that the only thing that could make my tear larger is heavy lifting.  Everything else will help loosen my joint.  And I am so glad to get the chance to be active again!

With all the encouragement she gave me, there was one bit of news I was not thrilled about.  Shoulders take longer than any other body part to get back to normal–great.  Oh well.  I am committed to doing my exercises every day, but I’ll need a lot of encouragement.  To paraphrase Fergi, I’ll be up in the gym just working on my stiffness. Will you help me?


One response to “i can move freely now the sling is gone

  1. Ron Eversole says:

    Thanks for sending the pictures. I hope your physical therapist is as good as the one I had with my knees. I thought your news was really encouraging. And I’m happy to hear you intend to do your exercises every day. If you are ever tempted to take a day off, remember I had both knees replaced and am back to playing pickleball (when my back is okay) and riding my bike – at my age. Also, remember you’ll have to explain to me why you took the day off. I’ll check on you many days just to ask if you did the exercises. You don’t want to have to tell me you didn’t!

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