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And So It Begins

on April 9, 2013

All of the conference details, the ones you care about, and the ones you don’t—Part 1
Introduction and Wednesday

The convention that I attended last week was the 84th annual convention of the Religious Communicators Council (RCC), and the theme was “Communicating at the Speed of Life.  All about Social Media.”  The RCC is an interfaith group of religious communicators who work in a number of different mediums.  I was made aware of a group by a professor at Milligan who heard about the convention and their scholarship program and suggested I look into it.  One of the goals that RCC has is investing in up and coming religious communicators through their scholarship program.  They hope to educate students about religious communications and let see what a profession as a religious communicator would look like.  As a recipient of the scholarship program, I received a paid registration for the convention, my hotel room was paid for, and my travel and food expenses were also paid for.  And lastly, my membership in the council is paid for 2013 and 2014 and I will work with a mentor in the field for the next year.

As the time for the convention got closer and closer, I found myself getting more and more nervous.  I would be traveling eight hours away, all by myself, and spending the week with a bunch of people that I did not know!  Another thing that I didn’t know what to expect was the size.  I was not sure if I should expect a CIY sized event, or a small group setting.  It ended up being around 100 people, but I think that made it a lot better.  One fun thing that I will highlight in this blog post is also the food that I ate while in Indianapolis.  I never ate the same thing twice and only at one chain restaurant all week.  I’m surprised I didn’t gain 10 pounds.

Besides myself, there were three other scholarship recipients.  Two senior Public Relations (PR) students from Florida State University, and a junior PR student from the University of Indianapolis.  I enjoyed getting to know the three of them throughout the convention.  There is so much information that I want to share with you about the convention.  I hope you will bear with me, but feel free to take breaks, as long as you will come back and finish reading!

On Wednesday  when I arrived in Indianapolis, I carried all of my stuff up to my hotel room (which was quite a feat in a sling), met my roommate, and got settled in.  Just a little while later, we went down to the lobby and met the scholarship coordinator, Phillip Poole.  Phillip is a wonderful guy.  I really felt like he cared about us and invested in us all week.  That night he took us to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and it was delicious!  I had a handmade, fresh margarita pizza.  Talk about yummy.  We spent the evening talking a little about the convention and getting to know each other.   That evening, as Teresa and I were going to bed, there was this terrible sound in our room.  It kept us up for a while and then woke us up early in the morning.  We finally put all the pieces together.  Our room shared a wall with the elevators, and one of them sounded like a shopping cart with a wobbly wheel.  Talk about annoying!  Needless to say, after that first night, we moved rooms.  Thank goodness!


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  1. Ron Eversole says:

    So far, so good. I’m anxious to read the reest.

  2. Ron Eversole says:

    I really can spell. My finger just stopped too long on that key.

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