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What a Wonderful Weekend

on April 1, 2013

This past weekend was a wonderfully long one.  Adam’s family arrived on Thursday night.  We were so happy that they could come and visit!  It was their first visit to our apartment in the Village, and we made sure it was clean and cute for them.  They were at the apartment when I got off work.  I got to make them dinner, which I was very excited about.  I love to cook and to have people over.  I made Chicken Tortilla Soup, which is one of our favorites, complete with homemade corn bread.  Yum!

Adam and I both got Good Friday off from school/work, so we got to spend the entire day with his family.  We ate good food, played some games, and enjoyed each others company.  Adam’s family had to leave on Saturday, which was much too soon for us.  After they left, Adam and I went for a walk, I went to the grocery store, and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing and hanging out together, which we don’t get to do very often.

Sunday morning our church combined with two other churches for a sunrise service.  The service started at 6:30, and our goal was to leave the apartment at 6AM.  Well, our alarm clock didn’t go off, so we didn’t get up until six! Yikes!  Adam and I got up, showered, and got ready, left the apartment, and we were only late by 5 minutes.  Yes, we are just that good.  We both really enjoyed the sunrise service.  Afterwards, we had breakfast and went back to our apartment for a nap.  I was feeling pretty sick after our nap, so Adam went back to church without me.  And luckily the extra sleep did me a lot of good.  My migraine went away, and I was feeling a lot better.

Our neighbors, Brandon and Tiffany, invited us over for Easter lunch, and it was delicious.  It was a great time of food and fellowship.  In the afternoon, Adam and I watched a movie, and then Lauren came over and watched Les Miserables with me.  It is so beautiful.  Then we went with our husbands to Applebees.  It was such an amazing weekend, and I didn’t want it to end!  Even though it is going to be a short work week for me, I still wanted more weekend!


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