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Where did the mothers go?

on March 20, 2013

This morning I had an interesting thought about mothers…

I know, it’s weird.  I don’t get it.

The thought occurred to me that in the Disney Princess movies there used to never be mothers, and if there were, they were evil.  Think about it.

Well I did and then I researched it to be sure.  Here is what I came up with:

Snow White—evil stepmother
Cinderella—evil stepmother
Aurora—taken away from her mother, but had mother figures
Ariel—no mother
Belle—no mother
Jasmine—no mother
Pocahontas—no mother
Rapunzel—taken away from her real mother and has a evil mother instead

Only in the past few years have their really been mother figures in the Disney princess movies.  And the only one to really play a big role was Merida’s mother, who was a main character of the movie.

This was really a “huh” moment for me.

I think it is interesting that for the first 7 princess movies, the princess’ original mother, we assume, died, or in Sleeping Beauty’s case, taken away from her.  I wonder what made Disney realize that the mothers were being left out and put them back in.  I also wonder if we will continue to see more mothers in the “classic” Disney movies to come.

I’m sure that someone with a psychology degree could get down to the bottom of this, but alas, that someone would not be me.  I just think it is interesting and while I have assumptions, someone else will have to draw  the real conclusions someday.  One day there will probably be a book about it, that’s my prediction.

Do you have any thoughts?


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