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There goes my life…it’s being sucked away

on March 19, 2013

I feel like Westley in The Princess Bride when the life literally gets sucked out of him.

Poor Westley

Poor Westley

Want to know what has done this terrible thing to me?

Meal Planning.

I hate meal planning.  I feel like it literally sucks the life out of me every time I try to do it.  It usually takes me forever to look through that grocery store ad and then coupons to see if that helps me decide anything, and it usually doesn’t.  So then I am back to square one.  Usually I like to try one new recipe because I feel like we try the same things every time.

Meal planning is like pulling teeth.  Neither Adam or I either know what we want to eat for the week.  I think it took me at least an hour, probably more, today to try and plan our menu for the rest of the week.  I usually only plan three meals and we have leftovers for lunches and any other dinners.  And I can’t even come up with three meals—sheesh.

I have tried to be more organized at it and make lists of our favorite meals and keep track each week of what we eat so that we don’t repeat a lot, but I stopped looking at it, updating it, and so on.  Basically, I try to get myself organized and then I don’t use the organization system I set up  #facepalm

Does anyone have any suggestions for meal planning so I can get out of this pit of despair?!!










3 responses to “There goes my life…it’s being sucked away

  1. Luke says:

    Buy 7 types of cereal…That way you can have something different everyday.

  2. Tommy says:

    Don’t do it.

    Seriously. I know you guys keep a pretty right food budget, and its impressive, but if meal planning is a chore, then don’t do it. Budget out your money for snacks, staples and such, then take the remainder to the store and buy something to eat that you normally wouldn’t buy.

    Take that thing home and look up a recipe you can do with the stuff you have. Improvise and substitute for the things you don’t have.

    If that fails, just eat the same stuff.

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