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Twihard? Not Quite

on March 12, 2013

I will admit to having read all the Twilight books (before it was cool) and seeing all of the movies.  While I would not call myself a Twihard, I did really love the last movie.

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book in the series, and I got really into this last movie.  Now, I don’t want to ruin anything for you, so I if this seems vague, it’s on purpose.  I was seriously like freaking out at the end, and if you have seen it, you probably know why.  I was getting all worked up, and then when I finally realized what had happened, I was amazed.  I had been duped.

So, I would say, Breaking Dawn pt 2 was the best of the Twilight movies.  Even Adam liked it.

Fun fact:  Adam read all the Twilight books because one of the things we did while we were dating was read each other’s favorite book series.  So I read Harry Potter and he read Twilight.  It was fun.

What was your favorite Twilight movie?
Did the movies live up to your expectations?


P.S.   Adam and I are going on a date night to see Les Miserables tonight!  And I am so excited!! Yes, we have waited a long time, but I am so excited.  And I have heard that I will probably need tissues.


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