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Picking up the ball

on March 9, 2013

Hey all!  I’m sorry that I dropped the ball on blogging the last couple days.  So here are all the things I would have told you the last couple days if I had blogged.

I finally finished Julie and Julia and I really enjoyed it.  It took me a while to read it, but it was a good book.  This afternoon I started an awesome book and have already read 100 pages of it!  I am reading Me, Myself, and Bob which is about the creator of VeggieTales.  It is really funny and makes me want to watch every (classic) VeggieTale movie!  I will probably have to buy all of them because I dread the day that my child will grow up without VeggieTales.

Yesterday I watched Bull Durham, and I really enjoyed it.  It was a fun movie.

Adam has strep, and yet he left me for the evening.  He is playing Risk with his friends, complete with mask and gloves so he does not contaminate them.

I made this for the bedroom, and I love it!
IMG_1551Bonus points if you can guess where the quote came from!

I also just finished these hats for my little cousins.  This first one is a beardo hat identical to Adam’s, just smaller:
IMG_1555And this one is based on a photo I saw on Pinterest that did not have a pattern, so I had to make up the pattern myself.  The first picture is of the top, and the second from the side.  Hopefully it gives you a good idea of what it looks like.
IMG_1552 IMG_1553

I am eating cotton candy Trix yogurt, which is particularly delicious while writing this blog and watching Hamlet, which is a Best Picture movie.  And speaking of that, I can’t believe I am almost done!  Speaking of best pictures…when I finish the list, I am considering writing a series of blog posts reviewing each movie.  Is this something you would enjoy reading?

After finishing this post, I will start on another project.  My mother and father’s wedding album has fallen apart.  They asked me to re-do it for them, so I will be working on that tonight.  I hope it turns out well!

I hope your night is as good as mine!



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