My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

23 for 23 Update

on March 5, 2013

I feel like I have been seriously failing at my goals and I am only a month in.  But I am failing with good reasons.  Does that help?

After one month of setting my goals and trying to check them off, here is where I stand.

Daily Goals
1. Be content with where I am in life, don’t wish my life away, flourish where I am
I feel like I am doing pretty good with this one.  I try not to complain and I try to find the joy in my current situation.

2. Be a good, supportive, encouraging, loving wife to Adam
I feel like I am doing well at this one.  I am trying to be really mindful about how I treat Adam.  But I guess you’ll have to ask him to see how I’m doing at this one.

3.  Do one thing to clean the house
Well, I was doing really well at this one before I hurt my shoulder…so do I get half points for this?  I think so!

4.  Keep a food and fitness diary to help me remember to be more healthy.
Yeah the fitness, not happening.   But that again, is because of my shoulder.  I haven’t been keeping a diary like I had planned, but I have been watching what I am eating and trying to drink lots of water every day.  So I think I should get a half point for this one too.

Weekly Goals

5.  Call my mother
Now, I can say for a fact that I have been rocking at this one.  I called my mother at least once a week, maybe more.

Monthly Goals

6.  Write a thank you note to someone who I am grateful for
Check.  I wrote a note to my mother.

7.  Have intentional date nights with Adam.
We had two intentional date nights in February.  Valentines Day and my Birthday!

8.  Find a craft or something creative to do
Super check!  I made a sign for the unmatched socks, I beardo hat, and did quite a bit of crocheting.

9.  Have someone over for dinner.
I am not sure that we did this one.  We made plans with some people a couple times and they fell through.  So I will give myself a half check because of my good intentions.  Come on, I can’t help it that people get sick!

10.  Do something with my sister
Now, I probably get no check for this one.  But it’s not for a lack of trying!

One time goals

11.  Finish Financial Peace University with Adam and save some money.
We are going into week 8 of FPU.  We have saved almost $800, but some of that has already gone out to pay for my MRI, but I’m still proud of it.

12.  Take a vacation
No progress made

13.  Finish my Best picture list
I made quite a bit of progress on this one.  I watched 6 best picture movies in February, one was added to the list, and I only have 8 left to watch!

14.  Finish reading Anna Karenina
I am 40% through the book and I read almost 100 pages in February.  The progress in this one is slow.

15.  Plant flowers in the flower beds outside my apartment
It’s a little too cold for me to start this one yet.

16.  Read through the whole Bible again
Well, I was doing really well in this one, but fell off the wagon in February, but I’m back on so far!

17.  Play Eclipse with Adam
This hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully with this new big table it will happen soon.

18.  Finish watching Prison Break
Sadly, I have watched no Prison Break.  Adam’s charger broke for his computer and his computer only runs when it is attached to the charger, so I don’t get to use my computer to watch Prison Break and if I would have time to he is on his computer.

19. Learn how to knit
I am one step closer to checking off this goal.  My wonderful in-laws got me a step by step knitting instruction book, knitting needles, and yarn for my birthday.  I am all set to learn!

20.  Go to a sporting event or concert
No progress made

21.  Take a cooking class
No progress made, mostly because I can’t find one near us.

22. Go one weekend unplugged
Not warm enough yet

23.  Read a biography of someone I don’t like to learn more about them
I have too much other stuff that I am currently reading.

All things considered, I am happy with the progress I made in February.  Hopefully I’ll check off a few of these in March!


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