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uses for leftover mason jars

on March 3, 2013

I recently made some homemade chai tea and filled 8 mason jars full of tea.  I had bought 12, so I had 4 left that I scowered Pinterest for ideas for how to jazz them up for my house.  Here is what I did with them:IMG_1535Four untouched, clean jars
Homemade mod podge mixture applied to three jars:
IMG_1538 IMG_1539On the first jar, I sprinkled glitter over the area that I glued
IMG_1540And then sat it aside to dry
IMG_1541The next idea I got from pinterest and I had been dying to try it.  I didn’t have any sheet music to glue to the jar, so I wrote my own for our wedding song.
IMG_1542Then I attached it and set it aside to dry
IMG_1544The next one, I wrote our wedding verse in Word and repeated it in different sizes for almost half the page.  I then put a wedding picture in word, made it black and white and blurred the edges and printed it on top of the wedding verse.  I then glued that to the jar.
IMG_1546The last jar I painted blue.
IMG_1547I plan to put some flowers in this jar on the kitchen table.
This is what the jars looked like after they had dried and with candles in them.
IMG_1549I think they turned out really well.  The music one isn’t exactly what I had wanted, but I am still really happy with it.  Yay for new decorations in my house!


One response to “uses for leftover mason jars

  1. Good idea – from the picture the music one is really effective and my favourite..nice that you write out such a personal song too 🙂 xxx

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