My Twentysomething Life

I Do, Make, Read, Watch, Eat…

Varieties of Safety

on February 12, 2013

There are a lot of this that a person with a nut allergy will learn over the course of their life.  Here are some interesting things that I have learned in my lifetime of scowering labels.

–All Nestle chocolate chips and cookie dough may contain nuts.
–Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough is only safe when packaged in a tube.
–There are only two Hershey’s candies that are absolutely safe.  The original size milk chocolate candy bar and milk chocolate kisses.  Both have such a high volume that they have their own line.
–Never eat Valentine’s Day chocolate out of a heart.  No piece is safe.
–You can’t eat at places like the Marble Slab or Cold Stone.
–No oriental food.
–Watch out for places that make nutty shakes.  Ask how they clean their machinery.
–No ice cream buffets, unless each container of ice cream has its own scoop.
–Almost never eat dessert at potlucks or restaurants.

And Finally:
–Skittles are always safe.

Come on, have you ever seen a nut in a Skittle? No.  Skittles are my go-to candy because they are always safe and they have a lot of varieties so I don’t get bored.  They have original, dark side, wild berry, sour, tropical, riddles, and blenders, and they are all delicious.

So, if you are ever wondering what to give to a person with nut allergies, don’t forget about Skittles: the best friend of food allergies.


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