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Gather ’round, it’s Storytime!

on February 5, 2013

I love stories.  The reason I love to read books and watch movies is all because of stories!  I also really like to tell stories, even though Adam doesn’t always appreciate them.  There is just something about stories.  At least once a week we’ll have storytime.  You can get your blanket and your carpet square and gather around as I tell you a story, most likely from my life.  I hope you enjoy this because I know I will.

This is a story I have been telling for a long time.  It was probably one of the funniest moments of my life.  I don’t remember what grade I was in when this happened, but the important part of the story is that it was the first year I could go to wilderness camp at camp L.R.C.A.  And I was pumped.  All my friends were going and it was going to be awesome!

I was so excited to go to camp because it was a week away from my family, all of my girl friends were in my hogan, and it was going to be a really fun week of wilderness camp.  You may be wondering what a hogan is, well let me tell you.  Well, here’s a picture: Wilderness-Hogan
As you can see, a hogan is a shed out in the woods with wooden planks nailed to the sides so you have 6 bunk beds.  The windows are holes cut out and a screen put in.  There is no way to be quiet exiting the hogan because the door will always slam shut behind you.  And yes, this is living.  I looked forward to sleeping in a hogan.  And since we’re girls, we all brought pool mattresses to inflate to sleep on.

So here we are, five girls and one counselor in the hogan.  The first night she went over the rules:  no boys or food in the hogan.  That’s pretty simple.  So we go about our week of wilderness camp and one night my friend Jessica pulled out a bag of twizzlers for us to share as we sat around and talked.  We didn’t think anything of it.

The next few days we started noticing weird things.  For one, Jessica’s suitcase had holes in it.  There were holes in some of our t-shirts and we weren’t really sure what was going on.  The camp nurse had a suspicion and asked us if we had food in our hogan.  Jessica admitted that she had brought a bag of twizzlers in, and so the nurse decided a search of the hogan was in order.

As we were cleaning our stuff out, we stumbled across mouse dropping throughout the hogan.  We took all of our stuff outside to search through it.  There I was, cleaning out my suitcase, pulling chewed articles of clothing out one by one, not noticing a big hole in the bottom of my suitcase.

One of the last things that I pulled out was a pair of shorts.  I was holding the shorts sideways by the right pant leg, and then I see, in the other pant leg, a mother mouse and two babies.

Well, I screamed my head off, dropped the shorts and ran away.  One of the scariest/most embarrassing moments of my life.

We took the hogan food rules much more seriously after this incident.  It has become one of my favorite stories to laugh about.

Moral of the story:  the next time you sleep in a hogan and someone tells you not to bring food in, listen to them or your shorts will be full of mice.


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