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My Current Craft–that may never be finished

on January 23, 2013

The only current craft I have going right now I have been working on for almost a year now, and I’m sad to say that this one might be the first one that I don’t finish.

I had lofty goals set for my t-shirt rag rug.  Here is an example of what I’m trying to do:

T-Shirt Rag Rug

The whole time I have been working this has been my goal.  Look how nice and fluffy and soft it looks.  And then I read the tutorial and I thought “oh that’s easy.”  WRONG!  It’s so hard!

First, you have to have enough t-shirt strips to cover the entire rug.  Each strip is about 1-inch wide and 4-inches long.  Let me tell you right now, that’s a lot of cutting.  I have so far cut up about 15 Hanes white T’s and I’m not even close to having enough!

That’s probably because when I go for something, I go wayyyy too far.  When I first started and bought my latch hook canvas I bought way too much.  When I opened the package I had double the amount that I actually needed.  So once I cut that in half I had a canvas of about 20 squares by 20 squares.

Latch Hook Canvas

So you see that blue line making a square with a bunch of little squares in it?  So twenty of the blue squares by 20 of the blue squares.  So that’s a total of 400 big squares and each big square has 100 little squares.  The tutorial said to put a strip on every other little square.  On my canvas, being how huge it is, that’s 20,000 strips of t-shirt!!  But did I try and figure this out before I started?  No.  I figured this out after finishing about 10 blue squares.  And that is when I cut it in half, so now I’m only dealing with 200 blue squares and 10,000 strips of t-shirt.  Honestly, by the end of this, I’ll be lucky if I have the energy to make a bath mat sized rug.

Now, the process itself is not that easy, it’s not just the size of the project, it’s the actual process and the time that it takes to do it.  1-do you know how long it has taken me to cut the 4,500 strips of t-shirt that I have?  Probably about 20 tv shows.  After cutting that many t-shirts and only being halfway toward my goal I decided to start making the rug with the strips I had.  Easier said than done.

They fool you by telling you that you only need the latch hook and the latch hook canvas and the process is easy to understand, but not as easy to do.  This is what you’re going for:

Latch Hook

You’re basically just making a knot.

  1.  You put your hook under whatever line of the canvas you are working on
  2. Fold your strip of t-shirt in half and put the bend on your hook
  3. Pull your hook under the canvas, but not all the way through
  4. Bring the tails into the loop and pull tight

See, it’s not that hard of a concept, but what they don’t tell you is this:

  1. Your 4-inch strips of t-shirt are too short to make this easy.  You need some muscle to pull through
  2. You will drag your knuckles on the canvas and tear them up
  3. Your latch hook will break
  4. This takes forever

So, needless to say, I have like 8-10 blue squares done out of 200.

I need some motivation or this is never getting done.  As we speak, the whole project is in a bag hidden in my office because I’m too annoyed to even look at it.

Did you ever have a project that you thought would never get done?
Anyone want to have a latch hook party to help me finish?


*Coming Soon–I will be trying out a new recipe from The Pioneer Woman (she’s my favorite), so be looking for a blog about it soon after!

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