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Fantasies and For Play

on January 22, 2013

Having this nice long weekend at home has made me realize something.
I could probably be happy being a stay at home mom, or just a stay at home person for that matter.

Now, this was a big revelation for me because if you had asked me less than a year ago I would have said that I would not want to be a stay at home person in a million years.  I have never thought that is something that I wanted.  I thought I would get bored.  Well, being at home and getting things done around the house has been really nice.

Working a full time job, I’m usually pretty exhausted when I get home and don’t get much done around the house until the weekends.  Who am I kidding, I don’t even get things done over the weekends because who wants to do that.  So since there was a long weekend because of a snow day and a holiday my full time job has been relaxing and getting stuff done at home and it’s been really nice.  I have felt very accomplished and I have gotten to spend more quality time with my hubby.

So here it is, I’m putting it out there, my fantasy is to be a stay at home mom.

Since we have been able to just hang out and relax, Adam and I have gotten to play some of our favorite games this weekend and I just thought I would share them with you.  We have played a lot of “hand and foot.”  This is a card game that you can play with 2+ people and you’re just trying to get 7 of a kind of one number.  There are a few more rules but that’s the basic gyst of the game and we really enjoy it.

Another one of our favorites is Dominion.  This is a card game (kind of) and we have two expansions for it, so this weekend we have enjoyed mixing all the expansions together.  Adam usually wins at this game, but I won a couple times this weekend so that was fun.

And one of our new favorites is 7 Wonders.  This is a game where you are basically playing as the 7 Wonders of the world and you’re trying to build up your civilization.  We like this game because there is a two player version and because there is a lot of ways to win.  We highly recommend this game and we are always looking for people to play it with.

We are also saving up our money to buy a game we just learned and really loved that Adam’s friend David Myers introduced us to while he was visiting called Carcassone.  It was really fun and we’re hoping to be able to buy it soon.

Do you have any games we should put on our list to try?


2 responses to “Fantasies and For Play

  1. We can be stay at home moms together one day! 😉

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